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Derby 2023 Hangover IV Treatments

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Mobile IV Hydration Therapy

Delivered To Your Home, Office, Or Hotel.
Now Serving Louisville.

Providing Mobile IV Hydration Therapy

Mojo Hydration is a mobile IV hydration provider, serving customers in the convenience of their homes, offices or hotels with essential fluids, electrolytes, vitamins and minerals. Mojo Hydration utilizes highly experienced registered nurses to provide care that can be delivered same day and within the hour based on availability. Select from one our multiple treatments below or customize your treatment.

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Beauty/Wellness/Energy - $129

Similar to a Myer’s Cocktail, this treatment provides vitamins, minerals, electrolytes that will help you feel revitalized

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Immunity Max - $139

Suffering from a flu, common cold, or needing to bolster your immune system, this treatment is the ultimate solution.

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Detox/Cleanse - $119

Help your body to flush out the toxins, heavy metals that are causing fatigue, inflammation, and nutritional imbalances.


Hangover Relief - $99

Our ‘after party’ IV hydration treatment for hangover relief is the single best option to relieve symptoms of a hangover!


Hangover Supreme - $139

For the WORST Hangover you’ve ever had in your entire life, this treatment will relieve your hangover fast!

athletic max

Athletic Max - $139

You’ve put in all the training, now make sure you’ve prepared your body internally with proper vitamin/minerals and hydration


Migraine/Allergy - $119

Immediate relief for those unexpected migraines, without the long wait and high cost of an emergency room visit.

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Simply Saline - $99

Sometimes all we need is electrolytes and hydration to feel better.

Custom IV Treatment

Mojo Hydration now offers Custom Treatments, which enables our customers to add additional vitamins & minerals into an existing IV treatment or completely customize your own IV treatment. Select below to learn more about tailoring our service to meet your individual needs

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How Mojo Hydration Works


Book your appointment online or by phone. Same day booking and arrival with the hour based on availability.


Registered Nurse travels directly to your home, office, or hotel for no extra fee based on location.


Treatment takes about 45-60 minutes to complete.


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