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Providing Mobile IV Hydration Therapy

Mojo Hydration is a mobile IV hydration provider, serving customers in the convenience of their homes, offices, or hotels with essential fluids, electrolytes, vitamins and minerals. Mojo Hydration utilizes highly experienced registered nurses to provide care that can be delivered same day and within the hour based on availability. Select from one of our multiple treatments below, or customize your treatment.

Our 'after party' IV hydration treatment for hangover relief is the single best option to relieve symptoms of a hangover!

For the WORST hangover you've ever had in your entire life, this treatment will relieve your hangover fast!

If you are suffering from the flu common cold or need to bolster your immune system, this treatment is the ultimate solution.

Help your body to flush out the toxins and heavy metals that are causing fatigue, inflammation, and nutritional imbalances.

You've put in all the training; now make sure you've prepared your body internally with proper vitamins/minerals and hydration.

Immediate relief for those unexpected migraines, without the long wait and high cost of an emergency room visit.

Similar to a Myer's Cocktail, this treatment provides vitamins, minerals, and electrolytes that will help you feel revitalized.

Sometimes, all we need is electrolytes and hydration to feel better.

Custom IV Treatment

Mojo Hydration now offers Custom Treatments, which enable our customers to add additional vitamins & minerals to an existing IV treatment or completely customize their own IV treatment. Select below to learn more about tailoring our service to meet your individual needs.

How Mojo Hydration Works

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Book your appointment online or by phone. Same-day booking and arrival with the hour based on availability.

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A Registered Nurse travels directly to your home, office, or hotel for no extra fee based on location.

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Treatment takes about 45–60 minutes to complete.

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What Our Clients Say

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I scheduled Mojo Hydration to come to my friend's apartment while I was in town on a Sunday morning and could not have loved it more. I wasn't feeling well and had been trying all of the things, staying hydrated and eating well, but thought I was about to be down for the count for a few days. Lindsey was incredibly friendly, timely, informative, and when she left I felt 100%. I couldn't believe it and I can't wait to be back and get to use you guys again!

-Kiara Louisville

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I highly recommend Mojo hydration to anyone. They are very professional, friendly and very talented. They make the experience so easy to do. They can come to you anywhere.

-Tiffany Louisville

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What a great service! I recently had gastric sleeve surgery and needed hydration fast. Erin was very friendly and hooked up the IV quickly and painlessly. I was very impressed and would highly recommend.

-Kari Louisville

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Karen is very professional and nice. This is a great service for those who need basic hydration or an immunity booster. I have an auto-immune disease so these treatments help immensely. I am so very happy you decided to open shop in Louisville.

-Jessica Louisville

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Great service! Fast, easy, and convenient for headaches, hangovers, and to ward off the flu! Call Mojo instead of sitting in the ER waiting room for hours!! The Nurses are super nice and great at what they do!

-Angela Louisville

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A life saver…. as someone with chronic migraines this service comes to my home and gives me the hydration and meds I need without the long wait in the ER.

-Fox Louisville

Our Happy Customers

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