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About Us

Hydration is a powerful life force that keeps our bodies running and our energy flowing, but it’s hard to give your body everything that you need to thrive. At Mojo Hydration, we believe that it’s possible to treat dehydration and rejuvenate your system at the source. Healing IV treatments deliver supreme hydration and powerful supplements give you a boost for lasting energy, performance, and focus.
You’ll be refreshed, hydrated, and energized by the end of the 30 or 45-minute session. Your convenience is our priority, so we come to you and deliver the IV treatment in the comfort of your home. Settle in and enjoy a relaxing, calming treatment while healing hydration is delivered directly to the source. Our providers are nurses and paramedics with years of training and experience to ensure that the treatment goes smoothly and quickly. It’s so easy to get your mojo back!
Chronic dehydration is the root cause of many aches, pains, and complaints, including exhaustion, restlessness, migraines, fatigue, wrinkles, and dry skin. Improve your athletic performance, achieve a beautiful glow naturally, and bounce back from a hangover with youthful energy! At Mojo Hydration, we’re committed to helping you live vivaciously with healing hydration from the inside out.


Mojo Hydration was founded to help Louisvillians stay hydrated! With all the positive growth of our great city, there was still an ongoing demand for a concierge IV hydration therapy service. On a mission to improve the health and wellbeing of our community, Mojo Hydration was born!

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