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What Are The Benefits of Glutathione?

The Huffington Post calls glutathione ‘The Mother of All Antioxidants . Glutathione (pronounced as ‘gluta-thigh-own’) is a powerful antioxidant. An antioxidant is a substance that inhibits oxidation. As an example, glutathione is a substance, such as vitamin C or E, that removes potentially damaging oxidizing agents in a living organism. The greatest benefits of glutathione are its ability to help the body to be healthy and to prevent disease.

The human body actually produces glutathione, but a less-than-healthy diet, medications, infections and other toxins gradually lessen the amounts of the antioxidant in the body. Glutathione has been researched and featured in over 70,000 medical articles because of its phenomenal ability to protect and heal the body of disease and recover from illnesses.

Glutathione is extremely powerful when it comes to assisting the body’s immune system and recycling antioxidants- it’s even known to help to prevent cancer via it’s vital role in detoxification. Clearly, the benefits of glutathione cannot be overstated.

At Mojo Hydration, we offer IV hydration therapy treatments that include glutathione because of its healing properties and ability to decrease healing time and muscle damage, as well as

Increase metabolism and overall strength and physical well-being. Clients are continuously surprised at how much better they feel after an IV hydration treatment due to the inclusion of this and many other antioxidants and vitamins.

An IV hydration appointment can be scheduled online and can take place anywhere you choose and are comfortable- whether it be at home or work. A registered nurse, paramedic or other certified and licensed health professional will conduct the treatment over a 30-45 minute session so you can quickly get your mojo back and get back to taking care of what matters most.

If you are feeling unwell, experiencing a hangover, are stressed and fatigued or even have a big workout (or just finished one), there is a personalized IV hydration treatment just for you. You can even schedule an ‘IV hydration party’ for you so you can provide a big impact on the health and well-being of your friends or coworkers. There’s nothing like everyone feeling better- together.

Schedule your appointment today to see what everyone is talking about. We look forward to seeing you get your mojo back!

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