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Vitamin C: The Miracle Supplement for Immune Health That’ll Kick the Flu in the Butt

Do you crave a large glass of orange juice when you’re sick or feeling drained? It’s not all in your head; your body might actually be trying to tell you what will make you feel better. We know that vitamin C (ascorbic acid) is often consumed when we’re sick, but what is it that actually aids in preventing and tackling sickness?

  • Vitamin C is an antioxidant in which acts as an agent against the free-radical molecules that are produced when your body (and are connected to cancer and other diseases) comes into contact with cigarette smoke and other harmful toxins.
  • Vitamin C aids in your body’s creation of iron, which is also important in maintaining a healthy immune system.
  • At times, what we thought was a simple cold can actually be a bacterial infection. Due to its antioxidant properties, Vitamin C protects your cells from the effects of the ROC (reactive oxidizing agents) created by the phagocytes your body releases when oxidative stress is activated after a bacterial infection. Basically, this means that the harmful effects of infection are greatly reduced with the help of Vitamin C.
  • Vitamin C aids in killing off microbes and produces the cells required for normal immune health. It is also possible that boosts of Vitamin C when sick actually aids in the creation of interferons, which are created by your immune system to fight viruses. Flu cells are unable to replicate and end up stopping the spread in its tracks.
  • When your body is battling the flu or other common illness, it requires much more fluids and nutrients to continue to fight germs and bring you back to full health. Boosting your immune system with essential vitamins and antioxidants that will keep your immunity strong and can shorten the duration and intensity of your illness.

Most of the vitamins our body requires to maintain our health are consumed through our food, therefore, if we aren’t supplementing ourselves with ample vitamins and nutrients, we’re allowing our body to become a vestibule of weakness and are opening our doors to the many germs and bacteria that surround us. Vitamin C, especially, is not produced and can’t be stored in our body, so it is important to continue ensuring it is part of our daily diet.

Vitamin C is crucial for maintaining our health, yet many of us don’t take precautionary measures to include it in our diet. Without enough Vitamin C (less than 10mg per day) we can get extreme fatigue or scurvy. It’s not just for pirates. In fact, scurvycan lead to a multitude of problems and is fatal if not treated. We encourage our customers to incorporate sufficient amounts of Vitamin C each day and to boost our immune system during flu season, when you feel the onset of flu, cold, or GI bugs, and before traveling by airplane.

Interested in learning more about the many benefits of Vitamin C in our treatments, such as our Immunity Max treatment, aids immune health? Reach out today.


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