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IV Fluids: Sodium Chloride (Saline) provides electrolytes and aids in transporting vitamins/minerals throughout your bloodstream, which rehydrate your body and ensure intracellular absorption.

Vitamin C: Prevents cholesterol oxidation, supports collagen & tissue formation and bolster immune system functions

Glutathione: Provides superior detoxification to the body which helps push out harmful toxins and metals left in the body’s kidneys and liver

Magnesium: Aids is maintaining blood pressure and reducing inflammation

B-Complex: Performs multiple functions such as energy conversion, and immune function enhancement

Zinc: Increases oxygen uptake and helps reduce fatigue

Anti-Nausea, and Anti-Inflammatory Medication are OPTIONAL and COMPLIMENTARY

Why Immunity Max and Frequently Asked Questions

Our immune system is a defense system that has multiple biological responsibilities. Mojo Hydration’s focus is to help strengthen those systems responsible for protecting you from illnesses such as the common cold and flu. The IV treatment Mojo Hydration has created delivers important vitamins/minerals to help enhance, prevent and/or lessen the symptoms listed below

Customer Symptoms That Might Benefit From An Immunity Max Treatment

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, the Immunity Max treatment is designed to provide your body with much needed vitamins and minerals you may be lacking to help fight off illness. Immunity Max helps boost anti-oxidant levels to flush out toxins, replenish lost fluids from feverish symptoms, and helps thin mucus to relieve congestion.