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How is IV Therapy the Solution to Food Poisoning?

It’s impossible to always prevent the sudden onslaught of food poisoning. One second you’re enjoying your favorite food from a local pub and the next you’re keeled over in their dingy toilets. Your next steps could be to get up, make it home, and curl up for the next few days, or you could shorten its effect through IV therapy.

First, though, what are the signs of food poisoning?

Food poisoning is a sudden gastrointestinal illness caused by ingesting food that has been contaminated in some way by harmful bacteria, viruses, or other harmful toxins that your body can’t digest properly. It normally doesn’t last long because your body reacts to dispel the toxins by forcing you to vomit, or in many cases, quickly flush out of your system through diarrhea. It’s not a pretty thought and it’s worse when you’re suffering from it yourself.

The sudden flush of the toxins can lead to extreme dehydration, which in turn, can lead to more side effects such as cramps, dry mouth, sweats, etc. The worst part is that you have no renewed appetite for days, so many can’t keep fluids down and are repelled at the thought of eating.

This is where IV hydration comes in.

When your body isn’t receiving the essential fluids you need to function properly, many of your systems begin to slow down, including your immune system. The longer or more severe your food poisoning lasts, the more dehydrated you will become. It’s when you get to this point that water is no longer enough as a source of rehydration. Your body is now in whack, has lost important electrolytes, and it takes longer for you to regain your health.

IV hydration is a key to helping to reverse the side effects of dehydration from food poisoning by giving your body a direct source to the hydration – and electrolytes – it needs to rehydrate itself properly.

IVs are used in hospitals and medical facilities across the world to provide emergency fluids to ill patients. The same applies to hydration facilities. We provide you with immediate minerals and even medications to treat symptoms such as nausea and headaches to get you back into shape faster than if you relied on drinking water or sports drinks alone.

When should you choose IV hydration?

Many decide to let our bodies heal on their own, choosing to save themselves the embarrassment of venturing out in public when a toilet may not be as near and they could run into their ex at any corner. However, the longer you let your body suffer from dehydration, the more damage it causes and the longer it will take you to recuperate. If your symptoms are severe, however, we always suggest calling your doctor or going to the emergency room, especially if you’ve lost consciousness or the pain has become unbearable.

If you’re interested in learning more about how IV therapy and hydration can curb the side effects of food poisoning and get you back to your normal self quicker, reach out for a conversation with Mojo Hydration today!

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