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Derby 2023 Hangover IV Treatments


Custom Treatment And Additional Vitamins & Minerals

What’s in our IV hydration?

Mojo Hydration is dedicated to boosting your vitamin intake when you can’t get what you require from other external sources. Through IV therapy, you get the hydration you need quickly without the need for digestion or other factors that could get in the way of your body absorbing what it needs. IV therapy gives you 100% of the benefits asap, which means if you’re hungover, you get the essential vitamins you need to feel better. If you’re sick, your immune system gets the optimal boost to get you back on your feet.

Each and every one of our treatments are created with the exact mixture of ingredients to succeed, but what is actually in our IV hydration treatments that makes them work so well?

The Hydration

IV Fluids BagOur unique saline solution sets the base (or mojo) for every one of our treatments. Through sodium chloride and water, your body is directly given ample hydration and promotes a complete absorption of all other vitamins and ingredients you need. The hydration is perfect for when you’re feeling dehydrated from sickness, hungover, or have been working too hard to provide your body with the ample water it needs to work at full function. Instantly, you’ll feel refreshed and energized.


IV Fluids Bag

B-Complex is built of 8 B vitamins (from B1 to B12) and is a kicker for energy conversion and immune function enhancement. They’re also essential for your overall health. A deficiency in B vitamins can lead to a variety of unwanted symptoms and even critical health conditions. Why do we put B-Complex vitamins in our IV hydration treatments, especially our Hangover treatment? Because we know after a night of overindulgence, your brain needs a boost to get restarted. It’ll also curb nausea and help cell development. B vitamins are also highly important to maintain properly for pregnant women.

Vitamin C

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What good things can we not say about Vitamin C? It’s what many of us turn to when we feel our immune systems begin to waver and those cold symptoms crawl up. Not only is a dose of vitamin C great to minimize symptoms of the cold or flu, but it also holds benefits that can treat eye disease, heart and cardiovascular issues, and even keep that youthful glow to your skin. We put vitamin C in our migraine therapy treatment as studies have been done that prove that Vitamin C can greatly decrease the length and severity of migraine attacks.


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Most notably associated with strong bones and teeth, calcium is an important nutrient that is essential for every diet. Not only is calcium crucial for our bones, but it’s also needed for the proper function of muscles, nerves, and heart and can be contributed to preventing and benefiting some cancers, diabetes, and high blood pressure. Many of our treatments include calcium because of its super powers in overall health, but if you feel you aren’t getting enough in your diet, especially if you are lactose-intolerant, we can always base a treatment with calcium on your unique needs.


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Magnesium is an essential nutrient our body needs to grow and function. It works well with calcium to promote strong bones but also plays a role in DNA creation, muscle and nerve function, just to scratch the surface. Many people don’t realize when they have a magnesium deficiency, but low levels can lead to intense headaches and migraines, so don’t ignore the signs. At Mojo Hydration, we have magnesium in many treatments, including our Migraine treatment and our Beauty and Wellness Treatment, where it helps to treat inflammation and blood pressure.


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Regardless of being near the bottom of the vitamin alphabet, Zinc is an important nutrient to ensure you are keeping within your daily intake. Zinc will help up your oxygen intake and will treat symptoms of fatigue and fogginess. If you’ve been hurt or sick, Zinc becomes a major player in building your immune system and even helping aid in wound healing. Your metabolism can also get an extra boost by a dose of Zinc if you’re trying to lose weight or you’re just feeling sluggish. We have Zinc in our Migraine therapy, but you don’t need to have a headache to benefit from it.


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Glutathione may be more difficult to pronounce but it’s easy to see the benefits it provides to detoxify the body and push out harmful toxins and metals from the body’s kidneys and liver. It’s an essential nutrient to keep at normal levels within the body, as a build-up of toxins can be disastrous for the body. Other benefits of Glutathione include treating and aiding in the prevention of psoriasis, autoimmune diseases, and helping to improve insulin resistance. Mojo Hydration uses Glutathione on treatments such as our Beauty and Wellness treatment and our Detox & Cleanse Treatment.

Amino Acids

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Amino Acids are the essential building blocks of the body and are critical for the healing and formation of muscles and other cells in the body. Our Athletic Recover treatment includes Amino Acids and other essential vitamins your body needs to recover from that workout or game. Through protein synthesis and mineral absorption, which is essential in repairing muscle and tissue, amino acids can treat an athlete post-workout, but can also be beneficial to add to your body before the big game. Amino Acids have been studied and shown to increase the secretion of anabolic hormones and mental awareness while your body is burning large amounts of fuel.

Are you looking for something more specific?
Have you run out of conventional medical options?
Mojo Hydration is committed to customer health and well-being and, as individual needs vary greatly from one person to the next, we are happy to look beyond our standard treatments to customize a treatment plan that is personalized to your individual needs. Please reach out to us via phone or email, and we can begin to consult with our medical director on a custom treatment designed specifically to meet your hydration and health needs.
Contact us for more information on Custom Treatments or book your IV hydration therapy treatment today!