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Mojo Hydration is proud to offer our clients booster shots as an add-on purchase with any IV hydration therapy treatment. Booster shots are a great way to enhance your overall health and wellness regime. Mojo offers boosters in Glutathione, Vitamin B12, CoQ10+, MIC (slim boost) and Biotin. Check out the descriptions below and find the booster shot that’s right for you and will kick your next IV hydration therapy treatment up a notch!



Boosts energy levels and enhances overall mental health.

Vitamin D


Improve brain and cognitive function/Reduce inflammation/Reduce risk of heart disease.



Provides superior detoxification to the body which helps push out harmful toxins and metals left in the body’s kidneys and liver.



Enhance your body's metabolism and ability to burn fat faster and also heaping to improve you natural energy levels.